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Roxas knows he’s not Sora, but that doesn’t stop him from loving Riku. He doesn’t care that it hurts, or that he constantly feels like he’s being used, because it makes Riku happy, and Riku’s happiness is what matters most to him. It doesn’t matter how bad he feels at the end of the day, how empty his chest feels.

Riku says he loves Roxas, but Roxas knows that it’s only temporary. He’s only temporary, because the moment Sora comes back is the moment he disappears and he becomes nothing, not even a memory.

Roxas knows that Riku only loves him because Sora is not around, and it stings. He knows that Riku’s kisses and ‘I love you’s aren’t meant for him, but pretending they are makes it better sometimes. Pretending takes the sting away, if only for a while.

Roxas knows, as he watches from inside his Somebody, sees the smile on Riku’s face upon Sora’s return, that he was, and always will be, a replacement.
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Deviation by :iconpopsiclesticks:
kikiFaNaRt Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
wow that is ............. very deep
those words have such power in them
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October 3, 2007
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